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ScopeToolTM V 4.1 Download

Note: If you have purchased the USB version of the hardware or if you have purchased the RS232 version but additionally bought a USB-to-RS232 converter, then first install the converter software according to the manufacturer's instructions from the disk included in the converter package.  Then find what port number (e.g. COM1, COM12, etc.) was assigned to the new COM port by Windows and use this number in step 8 below.  For example, in Windows XP it can be found by going to Start/Settings/Control Panel/System. Click on Hardware tab, then on Device manager button. In the device list click on "+" sign for Ports (COM and LPT). Find the new Serial Port and note the COM number in parentheses.

Compatibility - Windows 2000, XP and Vista.

1. Download ScopeToolPackageV4-1.zip file to a local folder (Right Click/Save Target As).

2. If you do not have a previous version installed, skip to item 5.

3. By default your executable and parameters are in ScopeTool folder under Program Files folder. If they are in a different folder use its name instead. Make a copy of the parameter files (.txt) and macro program files (.prg) that you have modified. You may need to restore them after the installation of the new version.

4. Uninstall the currently installed version of ScopeTool using Add/Remove programs in Control Panel. Delete all remaining files from the ScopeTool folder.

5. Unzip the ScopeToolPackageV4-1.zip into any local folder and run setup.exe program. Setup will try to use or create the ScopeTool folder.

6. Download ScopeToolTypicalParametersV4-1.zip into ScopeTool folder and unzip it in the same folder.

7. Open Windows Explorer, go to the ScopeTool folder and check if the parameter files (*.TXT) and macro program files (*.PRG) are read-only by right-clicking and selecting Properties. If they are read-only - uncheck the read-only box and click OK.

8. You may need to modify (or restore, if you had a previous installation) some of the parameter files depending on your hardware configuration.  Specifically, in ST_CONFIG.txt edit the "MPORT" parameter to correspond to the serial COM port used in your system, e.g. for COM1 the line should be: "MPORT",1.  Also in ST_CONFIG.txt edit "<device>_INSTALLED" parameters to correspond to the actual devices in your system, e.g., "W1_INSTALLED",1 means that filter wheel#1 is installed, "XY_INSTALLED",0 means that stage is not installed, etc.

9. Create a shortcut to ScopeTool.exe (Right Click, Create Shortcut) and drag it to the desktop. ScopeTool can be started by double-clicking on the shortcut icon.

10. This completes the software installation. Hardware installation is configuration-dependent. Tips on adjusting parameters.

Home > ScopeTool software > ScopeTool V 4.1 Download